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Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Note: This piece is the unedited version of an e-mail i sent as an answer, just for fun. :) And, to my (delighted) surprise, they e-mailed me back to inform me that it actually WON for us a pair of GC's to California Nails & Day Spa. Cool, huh? ;)

As I was growing up, a few of the most important lessons my mom taught me which I've kept in mind were:

1) Never talk to strangers. (Unless you're with Mom/Dad/Sister/Lola/or any nosy relative. ) - Which explains why they're mostly around whenever "some guy" goes to our house to visit. ;)

2) Always do your BEST. It doesnt matter whether you win or lose, as long as you know that you gave it all you've got. - Although, it doesnt hurt to add a "beam of pride" to my mom's loving face, whenever she comes onstage to share in my glory.

3) Always look your best. (Even if you're just going out for groceries.) -Though I'm often tempted to go outside with barely a glance at the mirror, I remember being a bit more attentive with the way I look since mom has better luck charming vendors into giving her bigger discounts because she looks "pretty & decent". :)

4) We are NOT the weaker sex. - Muscles aside, I've learned through my mom how to be strong on the INSIDE, where it counts, when it counts the most. And I learned how one should be "tactful & persuasive" when a guy's ideas or decisions are not-so-good after all. ;)

5) A SMILE is the second best thing you can give out for FREE. (LOVE being the first one, of course.) - My mom is the friendliest, "smiliest" person I know. And people just adore her for it. :) We love the way she lights up our day, seeing her with her eyes crinkled up and her perfect smile greeting us as we trudged to the breakfast table. With that, we realized just how POWERFUL a single act of love can be, and promised ourselves to share as much of it as we can to our loved ones, every single day. :)

Actually, our mom taught us even more life-saving lessons in the past, from which we've survived most of the crisis (real and imagined) in our lives. We're really blessed to have such a beautiful, smart, understanding and supportive mom! :)

And now that I'm a mother myself, my only wish is that I'd be able to love, care for, and teach MY children the way she did. And become the SUPERMOM that she is. :)


Below is an edited version of a letter I wrote out to somebody near and dear. :)

"Right now, i'm somewhat waiting for a sign or a way to start DOING something, kasi i really dont know the best way to go about it. :(
Anyways, i "felt" the call to serve nung high school pa nga, though i dismissed it as maybe a "brainwash effect" of Canossa. :P
Tapos, i "felt/heard" it again around college (can't exactly remember when though), and i thought back "saka na lang po sana, dami ko pa po kasing dapat gawin (for my family, for others, etc),pag natapos ko na po yon, i'm all yours na, promise!" Tapos, i tried putting it out of my head na. Pero it still enters my mind everytime i reflect (religiously) alone, either in Church, or wherever, pero esp.when i'm specifically on "one-on-one quiet time" with Him. Tapos, since i was a bit busy the past few years, i didnt get to do those quiet times anymore, kaya i forgot all about it na and thought maybe He found another one to help Him and forgot about my "promise" too. I should've known better. ;P
Last sunday, when ate malou went with me to hear jay's lecture in a protestant church that morning (muntik pa nga that i wasnt able to attend because i woke up late, mga 830am, e usapan sana is they will daanan me at 9am, so i told them to go ahead na lang and wished jay goodluck na lang) Later that morning, ate malou texted me and told me to text her whenever im ready to go na lang, kasi she wont be able to make it on time din naman kasi she had to help her bro-in-law who's getting discharged from the hospital at that time. In short, sabay na lang daw kami when we go to church kasi kakahiya din daw to go there by herself esp. since she's late na, di ba?
Anyways, the lecture was really okay, even ate malou couldnt believe her cousin was that good na pala raw. Pero we all know naman that it's the Spirit who guides him (and us whenever we are inspired) to say the right words, to be able to touch other people's lives. Tapos, bandang huli of his lecture, he asked us to close our eyes and pray and reflect. And i couldnt understand nor remember much of what he's said right after i closed my eyes, kasi instantly, upon clearing my head of any thoughts, i heard a voice in my head saying, "He's calling you... He's calling you." And it hit me so hard (bukod kasi na familiar ang lines, it made me remember INSTANTLY of what it was I was trying to avoid for such a long time na), that i couldnt help but cry right there and then. Buti na lang most of the people had their eyes closed din. :) And some might think that i was deeply touched by the prayers/lectures, but the truth was, the voices in my head (the one calling and my own voice in my head, replying to that voice) are already taking up most of my concentration then. I answered finally, "Sige na nga! Sige na, do to me what you will. I'll do my best to serve you and make you proud of me too. Tutal i know naman that you have always been with me all this time." And when I've thought about that later that day, it really is TRUE, He has been blessing me and helping me (not only me, but our family and love ones too, di ba?) all these times, tapos, that ONE single thing he's been asking me na for matagal na, i couldnt give Him pa? I dont think it's fair to make him wait any longer pa, di ba? I now doubt if our duties for each other would EVER be finished naman talaga, kasi you really NEVER STOP loving, and when you LOVE, you CARE for them. But we should never put God aside just to be able to do these things. Kasi our LOVE comes from Him in the first place naman, di ba? Ignoring His call would be like ignoring the One who Loves us the Most. And i dont think i can do that any more. So i prayed that He would show me how to start, where to start. For now, i could only think of my poems, and my letters. But i hope to be able to touch more lives in the near future rin. :) The world needs more "Light" nowadays, dont you think? So ideally, we should do our share in spreading His Love and Inspiration to as many "hungry"(for His Love) souls as we possibly can,kahit in small ways man lang, it could "snowball" din naman into something BIGGER than what we imagined it to be. :)

Well, I dont know what else to say. Just pray not only for me, but for us ALL, that He'd always stay with us and guide us to His Purpose. :)"

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Recent turn of events have made me thankful that I'm a SINGLE mom. :) A friend recommended me this site and THIS is my "recommended" want ad :

"Energetic, spontaneous, separated Italian opera buff. 5ft 8in, 29 year old toy inventor. Expert in yoga, sleeping in and spontaneous getaways. Hopes to find a dark-skinned, hot, upbeat professional who appreciates working out and music. If you beat me at arm wrestling, I'm yours."

So, do you have anybody you can recommend? ;)

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

My Lola (mother side) passed away last night. :(
We saw it coming, but we didnt really expect it to be so soon. The only thing that gives us consolation is the dream I had a few weeks back...
There was a reunion of sorts in our house, but most of the people were wearing dark clothes, except for my lolo (who passed away even before Mikko was born) and lola was standing behind him, wearing a dark-colored dress. My lolo was wearing this horizontally striped red and white sando and he smiled and said, "Wala man lang bang yakap dyan?" So i hugged him... and cried my eyes out, as in, my body was shaking because of the sudden release of emotions. He hugged me back and patted me, saying "Tama na yan, maaayos din lahat ng 'yan." When we pulled apart, lola led the way towards the door na with lolo.
Somehow, after that dream, I've really left lola's life in God's hands na lang, kasi either way, she'd be okay, di ba? I just hope she's happy na with lolo.
...On the other hand, I know she will be, if not already. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Another Happy Thought!!!

Mikko is Baby of the Week at momsworld !!! Cool!!! :)

And just wait for GH Philippines' May-June ish! You'll definitely be in for a surprise. Even I myself would be. ;) I have LOTS to tell you guys, just gotta find more time for it. :( But I'll try within the week to catch up on 3 months' news. :) Later!

Just As I Suspected...
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...almost like ICE!!! ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Complete sincerity: You believe in being
straightforward with others, and you expect the
same from them. People would consider you a
good listener, and one who is calm and mostly

...It's been almost a month since my last post. And boy, a LOT has happened since then! :D

First up, I won a pair of tickets to Disney on Ice's "Beauty and the Beast" show at Araneta Coliseum for Dec.30. :D My mom, sis jac, bro & mikko all got to watch, since we'd only have to pay for only 2 more tickets anyways. :) I checked out www.disneychannel-asia.com one fine day, and saw they had a contest going on and so i thought, "What have i got to lose,right?" :) And just as I was about to forget I entered their contest, what should arrive at our house? A JRS Express envelope containing, yup, a voucher for 2 FREE TICKETS!!! :D
Then I won in a raffle draw held by the local water district, P500 worth of Groceries! Cool! It really helped with our Noche Buena & Media Noche feasts. :D

Thursday, December 18, 2003


Hey! It seems Mikko got "compensated" for his modeling gig last August after all! :D

His pictorial with SmartParenting Magazine at SummitMedia's Office in Galleria, appeared in SP's Nov-Dec. issue with this cover:

Anyways, I got a text message from their Sales Dept. informing me to call them last Saturday for further details regarding the Gift Cheque and when we got to talk, they made me choose on Richwell, Bench, Orange, Speedo, etc. My mind stopped on Richwell though, since I thought that I'd be able to buy Mikko one of those Fisher-Price toys he's been drooling over everytime we go to the mall. :P
Many thanks to Ninang Ting for picking up the GC! :D Now we can buy our very own BRATZ dolls! Er, I mean, MIKKO's very own OVER-PRICED TOY!!! :D


I have just about finished decorating the mugs that would contain the "surprise gift" we will be distributing our cousins this Christmas. :D Though it usually left me sleeping at around 3am, and drying them overnight, I'm really very happy with the outcome of the "project"! ;)
Now if I'd only be able to find time to wrap the OTHER gifts we'll be giving away... :P

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Hmm...It seems me and tingtong have even THIS in common. Soulmates nga yata lan, 'tong! :D

Monday, December 08, 2003


Thank God it didn't rain!!! :)
And it had a successful turnout. Kuya Gerry and Co. really did their jobs well. They made up the place so that it would still have that "nature-y" feel to it, yet it looks better than those snobby exhibits some people have at the malls. :)
And the food aint bad either. (And I'm not saying this just because my mom was the one who did the food service there. Honest!) I wish you guys got to taste the macaroons me and tingtong baked(we stayed up til 3am just to finish the whole batch!), I got to taste it much later, at the festival na. It turns out mas masarap pala pag malamig-lamig na. We tasted the "rejects" (not so pretty-looking ones) kasi about a few minutes after they came from the oven, so it stuck to the paper a bit pa.
Anyways, I dint get to do the facepainting since Mikko always insisted on "assisting" me and ended up wanting to "paint" the walls instead. :)
Will post pics soon...